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Robin, USA

We were literally trapped in a catch-22 situation & nearly gave up before Megan came along.  My husband has skills we knew were in high demand but was shut out of job application processes due to not having a work visa.


Megan was instrumental in bridging the gap by relentlessly making phone calls, writing emails, and visiting potential employers in person. She has been honest, professional, efficient, and worked tirelessly to help make our dream to stay in NZ a very possible reality. 


Thankfully, my husband received an official job offer and Megan secured him and the rest of our family visas to work and study here.    


We couldn't have done this without Megan's help.  We look forward to continuing our immigration journey with Megan as we progress onto our resident visas.


Taylan, Turkey

A mistake was made on my interim work visa by Immigration New Zealand that almost had very grave consequences.  

Though she was visiting the United States at the time, Megan worked through her night to get INZ to correct the error. 


She did this while also talking to my employer and assuring us all that everything would be OK.  


We  will forever be grateful for the effort Megan put into our case.  The day she called us to tell us that we were now all residents of New Zealand was a very beautiful moment.


Nikhil, India

I first used the services of Straight Up Consulting Limited on September 8th 2018 for a formal Skilled Migrant Category Assessment which had been requested by my employer.


Megan assisted me with a full assessment of my options and It took only three days for her to provide a detailed written response and the price was very reasonable.


Following, she assisted me in submitting an EOI under Skill Migrant Category Resident Visa through to applying for a resident visa.  It took not even five months for Megan from the day she submitted my EOI to get me a resident visa.


Her service has been excellent and very smooth throughout the whole process. It was very relaxed for me because I had done nothing rather than providing my documents to her. Megan also used her knowledge and experience to keep me up to date with potential law changes and how they might affect me.


She is very polite and gave accurate and practical guidance. She also provided payment solutions to fit my financial situation. Her honesty and integrity are the qualities that stand out the most to me.


The most important thing about Megan is her communication style. She always made each step of the process transparent, so that I understood how the visa application was progressing. She also gave consistent, practical advice, and there were never any hidden expenses.


If I ever come across someone who needs help with immigration, I would without a doubt recommend Megan Jane Rosene.

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